Paul Hanson – Arpeggios for Lead Guitarist

Long time ago I tried to learn sweep picking. I got two instructional videos for that. This is one of them.

I’m not sure what level players would benefit the most from this resource. In the beginning, it seems that Paul targets players who don’t know how to sweep and have no music theory knowledge. However, I don’t think that this is a great first introduction to sweep picking because it doesn’t explain the nuances of sweeping. On the other hand, if you already can sweep and have some basic music theory knowledge, there isn’t that much this video can teach you.

Anyway, I personally liked and memorized few ideas presented here:

  • The passages where Paul mixes 3 and 5 string arpeggios. These sound much more interesting than monotonous shredding of straight sweeps on the same set of strings.
  • The licks where he skipped one note in the arpeggio shape. That was another refreshing sound to me. The next step was including few notes that were outside the triad. That was also cool.
  • Learn from different players and to add it all to your personal style. That’s general and basic advice but I like those.

However, Arpeggios for Lead Guitarist is not a very dense resource. There aren’t that many examples or exercises and the mechanics of sweep picking aren’t explained in great detail. On top of that, only two sets of strings are used here and most of the time we use only one shape of arpeggio.

One can expect to learn:

  • the general idea of sweep picking and a brief instruction how to sweep
  • how chords (and arpeggios) are constructed
  • 3 string and 5 string C shape triads and seventh chord arpeggios
  • some really cool and flashy licks that move all over the neck
  • combining few different ideas into one run

In closing, there are some good things in this instructional video and I’m glad I learned them. However, I don’t think that this is the greatest resource on sweep picking. I think I could come up with a better course for that.