Allan Holdsworth REH Video

I don’t really remember why I got this instructional video. Probably because Allan is regarded as one of the greatest guitar players and musicians in general. I can’t disagree with that proposition. Actually, he is so great that this lesson is way too advanced for me and I didn’t gain much from it. Moreover, his music is also way too advanced for me and I don’t feel much pleasure listening to it. To put it simply, I am too stupid for this lesson.

This instructional video is divided into two parts: scales and chords. The rest of it is Allan playing tunes with a band.

  • In the Scales section, Allan shows us what he regards as 10 most useful scales. There are 5 more scales in the booklet along with the diagrams and intervallic formulas for all of them as well as some chords over which they work.
  • In the Chords section, Allan shares his way of thinking about chords. With that knowledge, one is free to find all kind of chords and voicings.

There is a great tip on improvising: don’t let your fingers to dictate what you play. Take a look at a fingerboard chart and imagine your fingers dancing on these notes. I think this is a standard advice but I like it. I don’t improvise often but when I do, I am sure I fall into the habit of letting my fingers to dictate what I play.

I am not really sure who would benefit from this resource. Surely, not beginners. I guess that most of the information stated here is mainly applicable to the music that is somewhat similar to what Allan plays. I can only repeat what I stated before: I am too stupid for this instructional video and for this kind of music in general. Because of that, I can’t give any real recommendations or summaries.