I didn’t want to call this section Reviews but I needed something containing few letters and descriptive. I couldn’t come up with anything better than Reviews.

The reason for this section is thus: over the years I have gathered a small collection of various guitar teaching videos and books. That’s nice. The not so nice thing is that I just buy them and don’t really study that much. So I got this idea and determination to study all my resources, learn everything I can, write down what I’ve learned, and then I’ll just get rid of them one by one. That’s the gist behind Reviews section.

Why would I do this here? Because this Medium Attempt thing makes me much more liable. So, I’m going to use it and abuse it for my benefit.

I know that some similar or identical exercises, ideas, and tips are presented in few different resources. I’m not yet sure how I will address that. Perhaps I’ll just briefly mention things that overlap with the knowledge I already have from somewhere else. Perhaps I’ll write as if everything is new to me. I’m not sure and I don’t sweat over it.

These won’t be usual reviews and I certainly won’t give any score to each resource. I’ll just note what I learned and what could one expect to learn. Perhaps I’ll add a short comment who might benefit of that particular resource. I don’t plan to write much more than that.

Some resources contain tons of information while others don’t have that much. Because of this, I won’t be able to get through each resource in the same period of the time. That’s why updates in this section will be irregular.