I wrote and deleted this intro quite a few times. Not sure what should be written here. I’ll leave it like this for now. Hakuna matata.

In short, programming seems to be a good skill set to have. The end.

My situation

A while ago I had a goal to learn programming. This was another typical example of me choosing a goal and sticking to if for a limited amount of time. Now, I don’t remember much of what little I’ve learnt so I consider myself to have no experience.

I did some (not much) research and decided to begin with a Stanford course which teaches Java language and is suited for total beginners. I saw few comments that this might not be an ideal starting point but I don’t have time to seek for a perfect resource. If it’s good enough to be an introductory course for Stanford students, it will be more than good enough for me.

My goal

I’m not sure what my goal is. I don’t really know what skills and tools are required in order to be able to do I’m not sure what. I have no vision, no goals, no plans…no nothing because I don’t know much about programming. I simply would like to learn something just because. Of course, if all goes well, it would be great to make programming my hobby or a job. However, I imagine that to reach required level would take quite some time so I don’t delude myself too much.

For this attempt, I’ll likely just update the blog. I’m not sure if there will be an opportunity or necessity to make videos and to upload them to YouTube.