Sweep Picking day 14

Yay! Second week in and I’m surprised at my progress. Before starting this, I wouldn’t believe if someone told me that it would take me only two weeks to become comfortable with sweep picking. I have to add that I don’t care much about shredding. All I wanted was to get the technique down as it has been kicking my rear organs for a long time. And I did it! I feel like I got it down.

Honestly, I’m calling it a success right here and now. Sure, I make some mistakes and some notes don’t sound as clear as they should. These tiny mistakes sometimes happen when I play simple scales so I don’t worry about it too much. Overall, I am overjoyed!

Without question, I’ll keep practicing sweep picking but I’ve decided to finish this sweep picking series. From now on I’ll probably just increase speed a little bit but I won’t practice this technique as much.

Today I’ve been practicing Pachelbel’s Canon in D. I just searched for chord progression without even checking it with the music but it sounds pleasant as it is. That’s all I need. The chords I played are D, A, Bm, F#m, G, D, G, A.

I am also happy about my choice of chord shapes. I made sure that bass goes down (except for last two chords). That sounds nice to my ears.



Sweep Picking day 13

It’s great! Surely, I make some mistakes here and there but overall I feel very happy about my sweep picking abilities right now.

Today I cut tempo in half and tried to play eighth notes. So, the space between notes is the same but now I have to pay more attention to metronome because the clicks are twice as far away. What surprised me was trying to play eighth note triplets at the same tempo. It went surprisingly well and felt rather natural! There were few tiny reoccurring mistakes that I am going to fix but all in all, it’s great.

I mainly practiced chord progression from the Last of the Mohicans soundtrack. Again, I’m not sure if I got the correct chords but it sounds good when I play ||Dm| C| F C| Dm||


Sweep Picking day 12

Finally, some excitement. I played some musical stuff! Mind you, my guitar tone is still intentionally terrible.

Today I tried to add together all the sweep picking components that I’ve been practicing up to this point. The result wasn’t so bad. Having in mind that it is only a twelfth day of me practicing this technique, I am totally jolly.

I mostly played a nice chord progression that I’ve heard in the soundtrack of movie Kick-Ass. The name of this track is Roof Jump and this progression takes place at the very end of the track. My aural skills are highly awful so I’m not sure what exact chords are being played there but I feel good when I play Dm, Bb, F, C, Gm, Eb. Therefor, that’s what I practiced and what is heard in this video.

Sweep Picking day 11

Huh, I already feel kind of good about picking hand muting. It’s not perfect and some notes slip here and there but overall I feel satisfied. This means that I sort of feel positive about the components of sweep picking. Next step is to combine them and make it all sound good.

Today I practiced only the ascending part of sweep because this kind of palm muting does not apply to descending part. I played a simple progression to make it a bit less boring but I still wanted to incorporate open strings so I just held few open chords. These were Em, C/G, G, D/F#.

Sweep Picking day 10

How do you like that for an ugly sound? Fortunately, I already stated that this kind of sordid sound was my intention so now I don’t need to feel that much embarrassed.

Today I tried picking hand muting. The most difficult and the most headache inducing exercise seemed to be simply sweeping open strings. So I did just that. It wasn’t fun but it is highly unforgiving exercise which forces me to become proficient in this kind of muting. It still feels strange but I am getting used to that particular hand position which allows me to progressively mute strings.


Sweep Picking day 9

It seems like I’ve got fretting hand muting down. At least to the point where I feel comfortable and ready to go on another aspect of this technique.

In today’s video I’ve practiced some simple II-V-I. I put this progression in the key of C, then G, and then F. Just because I like the sound. I am particularly fond of transition from keys G to F as chords go from Gm to G. It reminds me of some Beatles tune.

By the way, the click in the video is 200 bpm.

By the way #2, I am getting irritated about these audible cracking sounds. Not sure what causes them though.


Sweep Picking day 8

I still suck at playing even notes. I guess it would be masked if I played faster but I’m more interested in playing correctly.

In this video I practice C shape D harmonic minor triads at 200 bpm quarter notes. I want to get a bit better at quarter notes before I go on eigth notes.