Day 15

Hey, I’m ok.

I feel good enough about pickslanting to call it a successful approach for me. I also feel that I have already surpassed my expectations of what I intended to reach in one month. Surely I can’t play fast yet but it wasn’t my goal. I wanted to play more efficiently and accurately. Speed will come later. I am totally happy with results as these tests incorporate rather tricky string changes and now they don’t feel awkward to me.

Great success.



Day 14

I felt confident enough to play the tests that I’ve decided to use as a measurement of my progress. I tried tests 1 and 2. These were simple arpeggios on two adjacent strings. First test is a major triad with root on lower string and other two notes on a higher string. Second test is a minor triad and has the opposite notes per string configuration: two notes on lower string and one note on higher string. To kill boredom, I put these patterns in a simple sequence.

I now declare test 1 as a success. I’m rather pleased with it. Test 2 needs a tiny bit more polishing. It should be good to go tomorrow. On top of it, I’ll try next test.

It’s been only two weeks of deliberate pick slanting and I am already satisfied with results. Surely it’s not perfect yet  but it already feels effortless. So far, this approach seems to work for me.

Day 13

Yay, I already feel quite comfortable and confident. Today I wanted to apply two way pickslanting to some string changes. I couldn’t come up with anything better than just simple CAGED style one octave scale. At first I played two notes on bottom string and then three notes on each of two upper strings (2-3-3).  I got to decent level quickly so I tried different fingering of the scale. The one which has three notes on both of two bottom strings and two notes on highest string (3-3-2). I felt contented with it as well so I tackled same scales playing not only forward, but backward as well.

I’m only at halfway of my deadline and I’m already rather pleased with how it goes. This doesn’t really happen often in my life. Now I’m going to celebrate my gaiety.


Day 12

I’m back after a short inconvenient break.

Actually, I was back yesterday but I needed a day to get back to my pre-break levels.

Today I begin with two way pickslanting. I started with one string just to get the feeling of movement. Notice that I put a short pause after the slant change. This helps to focus on that specific motion.

Later, I got a bit adventurous and started to play some melodies. Accidentally I got to something that reminds me of Dark Knight soundtrack. It’s probably not the same and I didn’t bother to check it out. What matters is that this little melody made my session a bit more exciting. Through many testings, I’ve realized that I generally get excited about exciting things and I stick to them for much longer than to boring things.


Day 11

Oh yeah, I’m totally ok with my upward pick slant. Next day I’ll begin to apply two way pickslanting. However, next day will come a bit later. I’m taking a break for few days because of reasons. Actually, I’ve already begun my break. Day 11 video was recorded couple days ago.


Day 10

I actually feel sort of good about upward pickslanting. It’s nowhere near perfect but it seems good enough for me.

This day I played simple minor pentatonic pattern on two adjacent strings. I don’t think I’ve ever played so much pentatonic stuff in my live before. That’s a nice two-for-one deal.


Day 9

Upward picklanting still feels strange but it’s good enough for a second day of practicing. I continue to implement it on a single string playing. For this day, I came up with a simple open string thing in a form of ABA. These humble etudes are usually fun for one day. After that, they get boring. To make it sound a bit bigger and to make some harmonies, I used delay.

Yesterday I thought I would level up the volume of my videos and so I got Audacity. Apparently, it works only with audio files. Furthermore, it seems that youtube itself compresses volume levels to some extent. Cool, one more thing not to do.