Scalpel Picking day 14

Today I practiced three different fingerings of major scale through all six strings. It didn’t feel too bad. It also didn’t feel like a big jump between what I did yesterday and today. That’s definitely nice.

As can be seen, I still am rather clumsy, my timing sucks, and the pick slips in my hand. These things are not nice.



Scalpel Picking day 13

Today I kept on working on one octave scale while varying between eighth and sixteenth notes. I totally enjoy this kind of exercise.

I still have no confidence in my pick grip. It definitely doesn’t move as much as it did in the beginning but it’s annoying and inconvenient. It is a problem.


Scalpel Picking day 12

Today I worked on a similar idea as yesterday. I just extended it to a whole one octave scale and played on all sets of strings.

I am really fond of this notion of playing a couple of eighth notes and then few sixteenth notes. Especially when this pattern cycles through the exercise. This forces string changes to happen on different value notes. Speaking of string changes, they don’t feel too troublesome. However, the technique itself still is strange and unnatural to me. And pick still doesn’t feel too secure in my hand.


Scalpel Picking day 11

Today I was practicing basically the same thing as yesterday – a scale fragment on two adjacent strings. It feels a bit better now and string changing doesn’t pose much of a problem.

However, I still am clumsy and my pick moves a bit even after all the modifications I’ve done to it. This is bad and annoying.


Scalpel Picking day 10

Today I tried to work on changing strings without implementing pickslanting. The string change itself didn’t feel too bad. This arched path movement solution is definitely cool! I am very happy about it.

The thing I’m not overly happy about is that as I tried to speed up a little bit, I got inaccurate and sloppy. I recorded one of those clumsy examples. This definitely needs work.


Scalpel Picking day 9

Ok, so I noticed something peculiar. I realized, that as my index finger extends, it makes a curved path. Not a straight line. Now, if that path is curved sufficiently, I should be able to switch strings without even changing my pick slant. With curved path, every pick stroke would end above the strings. That’s totally awesome! I practiced simple exercise on two strings and it worked!

I’m sure that few small joints of fingers unconsciously came into play when I used this approach. That’s ok, I don’t worry about that. I also had to move my whole arm above target string as I change strings. I hope that won’t pose problems later.

Scalpel Picking day 8

I am more or less able to pick on a single string (or on different strings given a long note to change strings). I think it’s time for me to tackle string changing problem. Since I am familiar with pickslanting, I’m going to incorporate that idea into scalpel picking.

Today I practiced changing the pickslanting while playing on a single string. It felt better than I thought it would. I’m nowhere near being comfortable nor proficient but it wasn’t bad.