Ear Training day 26

I feel a bit more confident with this exercise than last time.

I didn’t specify how exactly I practice this exercise so I’ll do it now. It goes like this:

  1. I hear the first note. Ok.
  2. Second note plays. Nice.
  3. I say out loud the interval between two first notes.
  4. Here comes the third note.
  5. I say out loud the second interval which is between second and third note.
  6. If I get it wrong, I repeat it few times and hum along until it becomes obvious to me.

This way I don’t get to rely on the clues of the whole phrase. I want to be able to hear and distinguish the intervals between any two notes as they are being played. I want to do it without any crutches. My goal is to be able to recognize any melody as a string of intervals and to do it only relying on the previous note.

I do not claim that this is a productive method or goal. It simply the ability that I want to achieve. When I’ll succeed at it, I’ll pay more attention to key and harmony. However, seeing how fast I progress…I won’t have to worry about hearing harmony for a long time.

Ear Training day 25

Not much to write. I went through the exercise #9 and made some mistakes. At this point, I didn’t count them. I surely got much more than half correct but it was far from the perfect score.

All in all, I am happy with this exercise. Some chunks are definitely more useful than others. Despite that, I’m glad I made them. I want to practice all possible variations. I want to nail some basic aural skills once and for all. Even though I progress shamefully slowly, I do get better. That’s good enough for me.

Ear Training day 24

Time for a new exercise!

After trying few ideas, I decided that this one will be a great next step. It’s not too easy for me at this point and not too difficult.

This exercise is made of small three-note chunks. Each chunk contains of mixed minor and majors seconds that move more or less in a random fashion. The answer flashes after each chunk is being played.

It took me a while to make this (as well as the previous one) and I can only hope that I didn’t leave any mistakes.


Ear Training day 21

That’s nice. I did the exercise three times today. Once I made three mistakes and twice there were zero mistakes. I’m very happy about that. However, I still have some doubts about some intervals. I’d like to reach the level where I can instantly recognize intervals without any shade of doubt.

Anyway, if tomorrow I’ll score perfectly three times, I’ll go on to another exercise.

Ear Training day 20

I skipped few days because the weather was way too hot. I simply don’t function at these kind of hot conditions.

Anyway, I played the exercise twice today and most of my mistakes were not consistent. First time, I made 13 mistakes. Second time, I made 9 mistakes and only 2 of them were the same. Still, I am curious why some intervals seem obvious to me while others cause me to make mistakes.

On top of the exercise which I uploaded to YouTube, I found this great website. I’ll definitely use this as a supplement to my ear training exercises.