Programming day 0

In the past I’ve tried to try to learn some programming. Every time I’ve failed at consistency, self-discipline, passion, motivation or whatever. Bottom line, I didn’t learn it daily and often I took way too long breaks.

This is yet another attempt. This time I hope to follow a schedule of spending 1 hour on programming daily.

Unfortunately, I don’t really have a goal yet. I don’t really know what programming is and what could I do with it. So for now my only goal is to dedicate 1 hour for it. Daily. I guess I’ll be able to change this goal into something more concrete after some time.

I spent some time searching for lessons and I didn’t know what to choose. Luckily, I found some lessons that said “for preteens”. That’s perfect for me! Actually I’m twice as old as preteen but I suspect that these lessons will be much more fun than the ones dedicated for serious students. Hopefully, it will increase my chances of succeeding at my consistency goal. At this point, it is the most important issue for me so I’m not afraid to start with lessons that are intended for kids. And I guess I’ll learn something from them anyway.

After this description, I’m ready to disclose the lessons that I chose: Code Monster by Crunchzilla. Right now, I don’t know what it’s about nor which programming language it uses. Luckily, I don’t know much about programming so I don’t care about any of that.

I intend to write a short blog post daily after the learning session. In it I hope to describe what I’ve learnt or what I’ve done. This should help me to internalize the lessons and perhaps it will increase my chances of staying on the schedule.

Alright. That’s it. Time to start.


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