Jelly Belly day 13

I honestly don’t know what to write here anymore. I would think that daily posting about this was a stupid idea but it keeps me accountable to myself. In this regard, it is a brilliant idea. In every other regard, that’s stupid. Well then, I shouldn’t regard other regards.

Today’s measurements are the same as yesterday. That’s ok. I expect a slow progress from here on. Anyway, I already am happy about the current result. I would say that I’m back to almost normal appearance and I still have two weeks to go.

Stats and a pic:

  • Weight – 77,3 kg / 170,4 lbs
  • Waist – 87 cm / 34,2 in
  • Hips – 99,5 cm / 39,1 in
  • Left thigh – 58 cm / 22,8 in
  • Right thigh – 54 cm / 21,2 in
  • Total circumferences – 298,5 cm / 117,5 in

The difference in total circumferences is zero in every unit. Except for weight. It went down a bit but I don’t care about it enough to include the progression of it.

Day 13


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